Operations Management

Real Estate Management

  • Operate with a network of local and regional support with an emphasis on high-quality teams over process.
  • Performance is generated by making great decisions based on analysis of multiple data points.
  • Service many functions in-house for greater quality and control – best in class service to properties and clients; centralized accounting, centralized utility billing, and cable billing.

Financial Reporting

  • Financial controls and detailed monthly financial reports. 24-hour access to real-time information.
  • Deep understanding of integration between operations and investment business plan/return expectations.

Business Operations

  • Train and Educate (combination of on-line and qualitative webex classes)
  • Software Support and IT services
  • Supervision of Construction / Value Add Renovation Projects
  • Due Diligence & Administrative Support
  • Risk Management Services & Master Insurance Program
  • Bulk Purchasing Program

Multifamily property management services

LYND provides an unparalleled commitment to improving property management through advances in technology. LYND is committed to change and to adaptations required to provide industry leading performance. This includes automating processes, a commitment to transparent / real time information and constant evaluation of social media and its impact on our customers and their experience. Through these innovations, we will drive productivity and provide better results and reporting and service to our clients and residents.

Construction Services  |  Unit Price Program  |  Utility Billing  Management Planning  |  Compliance Rent Collection  |  Training Lease Lead Capture  |  Maintenance Program  |  Tenant Relations  |  National Purchase Power Budgeting  |  Invoice Maintenance  |  Financial Reporting  |  Human Resources  |  Information Technology

I have utilized Lynd Management services, exclusively, for over 12 years. Their prowess in new property lease-up is un-equaled. Their ongoing property management skills create cost efficiencies that are unachievable by others.


Ron Inscore
T.R. Inscore, LLC – A Development Company


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