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Employment with LYND is synonymous with growth and opportunity. LYND is dedicated to sourcing and finding the most talented individuals for our industry, and offers employment opportunities across the United States in various career tracks – management, investment, and development.

Culture of Success

LYND is a great place to do great work and this is reflected in the success of it’s employees and communities. LYND expects it’s team to deliver the highest level of results, and to ensure this, they recognize exceptional members of our team on a monthly basis. This creates the competitive environment that has been a key ingredient for success. We hire individuals who LYND values.


LYND does the right thing even when no one is looking. It’s the only way we do business with our residents and clients.


LYND has an intense love for what we do. This intensity is what makes our products and services the best in the industry.


LYND believes that special results are achieved with superior efforts. Great effort and energy leads to the acceleration of performance.


LYND is strategic, forward-thinking, and never satisfied; we do not accept the status quo. We embrace change and are relentless in our pursuit of improvement.


LYND is a friendly work environment where people want to be; we enjoy our jobs and that personal fulfillment and joy allows us to attract and retain great people. This environment filters down and is instrumental to our resident and customer experience.

Recognizing Greatness

Each year in February, LYND flies 100% of its properly management leaders to San Antonio to attend an Annual Leadership Conference. At this conference, LYND recognizes all the achievements made by the individuals and the company from the past years.

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LYND personally takes the time to recognize outstanding performers in all major operations categories throughout the year, from monthly and quarterly conference calls to the annual awards ceremony held every February. This program’s purpose is to honor LYND’s staff that have exceeded the company’s average performance with a congratulatory award and to create a fun atmosphere of camaraderie and competition.



Announced via conference call per region, the monthly recognition certificates are awarded to overall performance within the following operating categories:
Total Controllable Income Percentage
Controllable Net Operating Income Percentage
Renewal Percentage
Maintenance Expense Percentage
Accounting Percentage



Announced via conference call or at the Annual Leadership Conference, this quarterly trophy is awarded to the overall performers for the entire company within the following categories:
Top Regional VP
Top Regional Manager
Total Controllable Income Percentage
Controllable Net Operating Income Percentage
Renewal Percentage
Maintenance Expense Percentage
Accounting Percentage
Property Performance Review Percentage
Delinquency Percentage
Top Overall Property for the following types of properties: Conventional, Tax and HUD/HAP



The annual award presentation follows the same standard as the quarterly, however this elaborate prize encompasses the entire performance year for all categories. This ceremony is held at the annual LYND Leadership Conference where all property managers and regional employees are present to bask in the celebrations and festivities. Additions to the award line-up are the awards for the Best Property Accountant, President’s Lifetime Award and the illustrious Lyndy Trophy.
The entire recognition program is not limited to performance statistics, LYND promotes community participation by its employees and welcomes innovative ideas to improve the company’s platform. The region that participates the most in community service and submits the most innovative ideas is most likely to win the Lyndy Cup Race.

4-Star Program

LYND’s 4 Star Program is comprised of an elite group of community directors that have been accepted based on a proven track record of consistent results. This program was implemented to develop and retain the best-qualified people that are crucial to the success of LYND.

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After acceptance to the program, community directors are required to complete all four phases successfully in order to be eligible for promotion within the company. The 4 levels of the program consist of the following:

MENTOR – provide guidance to new Community Directors
AMBASSADOR – assisting with take-overs and diligences
TRAINERS – facilitating training classes on industry and company standards
SENIOR MANAGER – preparing to advance as regional manager

Career Paths

Career Paths have been designed for leasing staff, assistant community directors and maintenance team members that want to advance in their career but are not wanting to change their roles. Levels within the position have been created to offer growth and promotion with the ability to stay in the same career field. This program allows employees to advance in the area in which they are the most successful and productive.

Leadership Program

LYND’s “Special Operations Taskforce” is a program developed to create the next generation of leaders that will help LYND reach its expansionary goals. Not just anyone can become a member of this elite group, you must be a recent college graduate and be able to pass through several screening processes.

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This program is not just a training program, but rather a grueling test of mental ability and intuitiveness. The leadership group will not only be required to master the skill sets that LYND was founded upon, but will be tasked to improve on those skill sets for the next generation of leaders to build upon. This group will be taught the importance of adaptability and creativity within the multifamily industry.

By harnessing the power of insight and maintaining the capacity to change in an ever-evolving industry, LYND has been able to stay one step ahead of the competition. These traits are not something that can be memorized from a manual or textbook, which is why the Leadership Internship Program was created.


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