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Multifamily property management services

Real Estate Management
  • Operate with a network of local and regional support with an emphasis on high quality team’s over process.
  • Performance is generated by making great decisions based on analysis of multiple data points.
  • Service many functions in house for greater quality and control – best in class service to properties and clients; centralized accounting, centralized utility billing and cable billing.
Financial Reporting
  • Financial controls and detailed monthly financial reports.
  • 24-hour access to real time information.
  • Deep understanding of integration between operations and investment business plan / return expectations.
  • Business operations
  • Train and Educate (combination of on-line and qualitative webex classes).
  • Software Support and IT services.
  • Supervision of Construction / Value Add Renovation Projects.
  • Due Diligence & Administrative Support.
  • Risk Management Services & Master Insurance Program.
  • Bulk Purchasing Program.
  • Technology infrastructure

    LYND provides an unparalleled commitment to improving property management through advances in technology. LYND is committed to change and to adaptations required to provide industry leading performance. This includes automating processes, a commitment to transparent / real time information and constant evaluation of social media and its impact on our customers and their experience. Through these innovations, we will drive productivity and provide better results and reporting and service to our clients and residents.

    multifamily property management

    Lynd employs a three-prong management philosophy, where it caters all policies and procedures to enforce and enhance the benefits of the three Keys to Success:


    With proper marketing and pricing, LYND establishes the target price where both the resident and the property benefit equally.


    By combining proper customer service (concession, loyalty rewards, maintenance request management) with property upkeep, LYND has experienced above industry average retention rates.

    Expense Control

    Assimilating the industry new eProcurement theory with LYND adage of effective budgeting and spending, LYND will continue to achieve financial goals at the same time properly maintaining the quality of the asset.

    Technology infrastructure
    In efforts to improve and standardize the “LYND Service Experience” across the country, LYND developed its own in house, 24/7/365 solution for its current and future residents, the “The Answer” Call Center. In addition to increasing customer service standards, it was developed to capture overflow lease calls during business hours; to answer after hours lease calls and other inquiries; and to handle and process all community maintenance requests through LYND’s 1-877-LYND-RES service request hotline.

    Staying connected ensures a great relationship between the residents and the on-site team. The call center is a huge part of that success.

    Recapturing Expenses with Utility Billing Services
    LYND’s Energy Services Department monitors the Ratio Utility Billing System (RUBS). LYND’s Energy Services Department has created a proprietary database software system to effectively take control of the bill back process in order to recapture utility expenses in a timely and efficient manner. As the owners of the system, LYND has the vested interest to both bill and collect in a manner that a third party company cannot provide.

    This system covers the full spectrum of reimbursable expenses including: electricity, water, trash, waste, gas and cable. Administering the process gives LYND a distinct advantage in terms of evaluating additional means of revenue generation.

    Facilitating Growth with a Pricing Module
    The module was cultivated through years of management experience and the awareness that the industry lacked an effective pricing tool to respond to the most appropriate market indicators.

    The pricing module was developed based on the philosophy that rental rates are a product of both submarket supply and tenant demand. The model is monitored and updated on a weekly basis in order to react to historical trends and predict future demand. It employs a check and balance system to monitor property diagnostics and generate an optimal balance between property occupancy and rental growth. Rental markets are constantly fluctuating; our pricing module aims to attack this volatile market and price our units accordingly on a weekly basis. LYND is consequently able to take advantage of every possible rental increase opportunity.

    Fostering Excellence Within LYND
    LYND Annual Leadership Conference is an event designed to bring together LYND’s complete management team in order to learn individually and grow collectively. It is set up to not only introduce new concepts and ideas, but to also revisit past accomplishments and opportunities for growth. It is a venue to introduce company goals and to instill employees with the motivation required to effectively manage their respective properties. The 3-day conference introduces a year’s worth of learning objectives and goals required to sustain the amount of healthy growth that LYND expects.

    LYND understands that strength is derived from the aptitude of individual management teams. The leadership conference cultivates individual and team capacities and promotes companywide standards that will serve to exceed client expectations.

    Training is a tool that serves to facilitate both individual as well as company-wide growth. LYND implements an ongoing training curriculum that is mandatory for all levels of management. Each individual program has been designed to target management fundamentals in a way that generates a combination of employee awareness as well as customer satisfaction.
    LYND’s internal regional recruiting staff works alongside the HR department to actively engage in the whole source and hire process. Employing this team affords LYND the ability to generate a proprietary database of qualified individuals who can be deployed efficiently to properties, streamlining the new-hire process.


    I have utilized Lynd Management services, exclusively, for over 12 years. Their prowess in new property lease-up is un-equaled. Their ongoing property management skills create cost efficiencies that are unachievable by others.

    Ron Inscore, President of T.R. Inscore, LLC – A Development Company
    Cypress, Texas