invest in america’s veterans

Our founder, Mr. Michael Lynd Sr., a Vietnam Infantry Veteran, supports the need to improve the lives of those who have served in the military, who are receiving earned Veteran benefits but are now struggling with returning to civilian life. That is why LYND has expanded their portfolio to include being the property management company for Invest in America’s Veterans Foundation (IAVF), a non-profit organization.

“Our role is to locate, advise, provide capital, and support to IAVF through the entire Real Estate process. Transactions that will provide housing and services to Veterans. We will also manage and complete improvements on the assets for the foundation, and offer support when needed. Our program with IAVF has been a huge success thus far with the purchase of a $19.2 Million Apartment Project “The Cove at NOLA”. IVAF plans to acquire an aggressive 3,000 units per year throughout the United States. IAVF is contracted $180 Million of additional assets that we expect to close in Q3 of 2017. These properties are located in the southeast and midwest markets. Once added to the program, IAVF will provide social services that are designed to support Veterans. LYND is proud to support our American Heroes,” said Adam David Lynd, CEO of LYND who administers the program.

LYND is actively searching for multi-family properties with willing sellers to help build this portfolio. We have the capability of working with multiple partners who are interested in this program. The acquisition criteria requires the asset to be a vintage age of 1970 or younger. The geographic location is unrestricted. The minimum size of the project must be $5M or greater.”

For more information please contact:
Adam David Lynd
Office (210) 798-8129 / Email: alynd@lynd.com.