Career Development

Career Development Services offers an on-going developmental and educational opportunities for all associates with classroom instructional training, online courses and one on one training.

Our Core Competencies are designed to facilitate a successful implementation of courses such as Leasing, Customer Service, Marketing, Operations and Leadership Development enhancing the ability to reach set goals for the owner, company, and community.

Mission Statement

Believing that Lynd is a Great Place to do Great Work; the Career Development Services Department is focused on enhancing the knowledge of all Lynd Personnel by executing consistent detail-oriented training sessions within a lively and positive environment with Trainers who embody the Lynd Company’s core beliefs.
New Hire Orientation classes are offered twice a month referencing topics that are pertinent to all New Hires such as understanding of their benefits, payroll, time off and the Lynd Cultural.

Lynd Basics 101 is offered the second full week of each month which covers all the processes, procedures and Lynd Expectations. When this course is completed, they have a full knowledge of our platform to utilize our software, perform the procedures and understand policies.

Leasing 101 focuses on the benefits of having a strong sales team and the effect it has on a community if there is not. Emphasizes on the importance of a good Marketing plan and knowledge of your competitors.

ACD 101 discusses the importance of Collections and how the collections are tied to areas of the budget. How to be an asset to the Property Manager and being a contributor to the success of the community.

Keys to Success (K2S) classes are offered on a monthly basis in an open forum where

Property Managers have the opportunity discuss issues they are having and receive feedback from their peers that have been able to overcome some of the common issues that hinder results. Property Managers are able to leave this class with resourceful ideas on how to increase closing ratios, closing the back door and ways to maintain expenses with an aggressive budge

Career Growth Programs

4 Star Program is comprised of an elite group of Property Managers that have been accepted based on a proven track record of consistent results. This program was implemented to develop and retain the most qualified people that are crucial to the success of The Lynd Company. Once in the program Property Managers are required to complete all four phases in order to successfully graduate from the program and be eligible for promotion within the company. We believe that once a Property Manager completes all 4 phases, they are then ready to become a potential top-notch Regional Manager, Regional Trainer or a Department Head.

Phase (Star) 1– Mentor- Property Managers are assigned new team members to mentor for the first 60 days of employment.

Phase (Star) 2– Ambassador- Property Managers participate in the complete process of a Take Over, from the initial walk thru to final take over.

Phase (Star) 3 – Performance Trainer- Property Managers are required to give training classes to their peers throughout the year on various topics.

Phase (Star) 4 – Senior Manager- Property Managers are now given 1 to 2 additional communities to oversee while still being held accountable for the results on their own community.

Career Paths are designed for Leasing and Assistant Property Managers for those that want to advance in their career but not wanting to change their roles. Levels within the position have been created to offer growth within their position. The philosophy behind this is that some great Leasing Staff does not always make a good Assistant so we tend to lose a great leasing person because the only way to advance would have been to an Assistant’s. role. With this program they can continue to advance in the field they are most productive in.

Annual Leadership Conferences

The Career Development Services offers an Annual Leadership Conference for all Community Directors and Lynd Executives. The conference consists of three days of knowledge based interactive agendas. Brainstorming Sessions to discuss Industry Issues, Community Issues, Economy Issues offering solutions that are relevant to the needs of the community. Breakout sessions presented with topics designed to assist communities to enhance performance and facilitated by the Executive team giving the Property Managers an opportunity to interact with leaders of the company. Attendees participate in team building activities that bring peers together who would normally not have this opportunity due to the locations of regions throughout the states.

Vendors are invited to participate in a Trade Show exclusive to The Lynd Company that gives the Property Managers an opportunity to meet with the vendors and discuss products and services that are available to their communities.

The energy level is kept high during the conference to keep everyone focused on being successful and giving them the motivation to go back to their communities with the desire to succeed.