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Multifamily Property Development

Multifamily Property Development

Adding Value to the Development Process

LYND focuses on acquiring strategic development sites to design and construct luxury, investment-grade residential properties located in primary and secondary, high-growth metropolitan areas throughout the United States. LYND’s developments present investments with opportunity for capital appreciation through the development process.

Our company strongly believes that our initiatives provide an opportunity to take a diversified approach to investing in the development of residential assets.

LYND has extensive experience in all phases of residential development and ownership. Over the last ten years, LYND has acquired, divested, managed, developed, underwritten, or brokered directly or indirectly over $1.5 billion in residential properties. Over the last seven years, LYND has developed approximately $500M in new developments in San Antonio, Chicago, Denver, Miami, and Austin. Our company strongly believes that our initiatives provide an opportunity to take a diversified approach to investing in the development of residential assets.

Multifamily Development Services

  • Development Strategies

    By utilizing both traditional and unconventional development practices, LYND is able to develop in core markets that are attractive to institutional buyers and have strategic locations where value can be enhanced by applying LYND's value-added management and acquisitions services.

  • Exit Strategy

    LYND is primarily a merchant developer and seeks to exit its development projects opportunistically based on market conditions and focused interest from institutional buyers. In certain cases, LYND will exit appropriate developments via a sale to a LYND-sourced equity partner; such "turn-key" developments receive more advantageous construction financing based on a guaranteed purchase.

  • Financing Strategy

    Through its vertical infrastructure, LYND can leverage established working relationships with institutional-level equity investors and debt capital providers. In all development scenarios, LYND will seek out development funding based on the most efficient cost of capital available.

  • Sourcing Approach

    While LYND leverages traditional channels, such as the brokerage community, the development team also uses unique strategies to court potential sellers of real estate, including unsolicited offers and developed relationships with probate and foreclosure entities.

  • Due Dilligence

    Successful and lucrative implementation of a development model requires a thorough investigation of the following:

    • Analysis of the current and future supply and demand dynamics in the specific submarket.
    • Extensive review of the proposed capital structure.
    • Thorough review of value engineering opportunities and the verification of proposed operating & construction costs.
    • Verification of proposed market assumptions in terms of revenue and expense growth, as well as tenant affordability factors.
Joint-Venture Partnerships & Development
  • Site Search and Selection
  • Budgeting
  • Financing
  • Team Selection and Management
  • Design Coordination
  • Construction Management
  • Professional and Timely Lease-Up
  • Investment Sale
  • Navigating the Entitlement Process (Rezoning / Zoning Modification)
  • Permitting
  • Neighborhood Outreach and Community Interaction
  • Environmental Review
  • Survey
  • Title Commitment
Financing Structures
  • Banking and Lending Agreements and Relationships
  • Representation and Negotiation with Public Entities
  • Coordination and Negotiation with Private Investment Groups


I have utilized Lynd Management services, exclusively, for over 12 years. Their prowess in new property lease-up is un-equaled. Their ongoing property management skills create cost efficiencies that are unachievable by others.

Ron Inscore, President of T.R. Inscore, LLC - A Development Company Cypress, Texas